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The Best Way To Get Started

Hi there! 

Truly, one of the best ways to get started at The Yoga Shala is to pick a class from our schedule and arrive 10 minutes early.

Tell the teacher you are new to The Yoga Shala and they'll help you get settled in.

We have yoga mats, so just bring water to drink and wear comfortable clothes that won't restrict your movement.

You can pay cash for this class — our drop-in fee is N$ 160 — and then decide on how you would like to continue. This gives you a chance to experience yoga with us first to see if The Yoga Shala is right for you.

We have Membership plans (the most cost-effective option) or you can keep paying as you go with Packages and Drop-ins.

Want to know more about signing up for one of our Shala Memberships? Scroll on...

5 Steps To Join The Yoga Shala

  1. Choose your preferred attendance option from our Pricing Table: 12 month Membership, Pay-As-You-Go Packages and Drop-ins.
  2. Email Lara-Lyn at to let us know you're joining as well as which Membership Plan or Package you decided to purchase.
  3. Create a PunchPass Account here so you can book each of your yoga classes!

    Download and follow these PDF instructions to learn how you can:
    a) Complete your PunchPass Account setup, 
    b) Sign our digital indemnity form, 
    c) Sign up for your next yoga class — exciting!
    d) And create a PunchPass login shortcut button to place on your smartphone's home screen.

  4. Download and fill out paper versions of your Membership Agreement & Indemnity Waiver forms to bring to your first class. Click the links to download each form.

    You can also complete these forms at The Yoga Shala if you'd prefer.

  5. Finally, bring your own drinking water as well as comfortable & stretchy clothes for your class. Yoga is done barefoot, so please remove your shoes at the door.

    The Yoga Shala has mats, straps, and pillows waiting for you, but we encourage you to start bringing your own mat as your practice deepens.

    We are located at the Maerua Lifestyle Center. There is FREE PARKING and the studo is above the Spur Restaurant. The entrance is a glass door next to Spur. Just take the stairs up & The Yoga Shala will be right in front of you.

Multiple Ways to Pay

There are 4 ways to pay for your Membership Plan, Pay As You Go Options or Online Classes:

Pay in Cash

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

PayToday (Mobile App)

Pay Online

Things to Know about Signing Up for a Membership Plan

  1. When joining for the first time, there is a once-off sign-up fee of N$150.

  2. Membership Fees are due on the 1st of each month.

  3. Your Membership contract is for a period of 12 months.

    You can only cancel your membership via email. We ask that you observe our 1 Full Month cancelation notice policy together with your final payment at the start of the month. Written notification must be emailed to:
    Use the subject line: “Cancel Yoga Membership”

  4. You can pause your membership for up to 2 months of every year, with the exception of December and January (these 2 months can not be paused).

    Please give us at least one week's notice via email before the commencement of the month you would like to pause. We can only pause full calendar months (e.g. we cannot pause a half-month). Written notification must be emailed to: 
    Use the subject line: “Pause Yoga Membership”

***If it's not in writing, it's not a thing. Only emails to the will apply changes to your account.***

How To Find The Studio

Find Us

The Yoga Shala is located at the Maerua Lifestyle Center. There is FREE PARKING. 

We are above the Spur Restaurant. The entrance is a glass door next to Spur.

Take the stairs up to the 2nd floor & the Shala will be right in front of you.

What To Bring

We provide yoga mats, but encourage you to bring your own.

Yoga is done barefoot so just wear comfortable & stretchy clothing. 

Please bring your own drinking water.