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By Lara-Lyn
About Yoga Foundations

In this 9-session course (which are recordings of live studio sessions), you will be guided through a series of beginner-style yoga classes where your instructors, Lara-Lyn and Tweshi, will introduce you to the wonderful art and science of yoga.

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Most of the sessions in this course will include asanas (yoga postures), pranayama
(breath-work), mudras (hand seals), mantras (chants), and more...

After the introductory lessons, each class will center around one of the seven primary Chakras (energy centers). Chakra work will help you form a more complete yoga practice that goes deeper than just the physical. It will give you tools of introspection so you can gain useful insights about yourself.

In addition to the classes, this course also includes 2 downloadable PDF guides:

  1.  A Brief History of Yoga with Patanjali's 8 Limbs of Yoga 
  2. The Seven Primary Chakras

These reference guides will help you gain a richer understanding of yoga as you work through the course.

Each class is just 45-50 minutes long, which makes it easy to practice daily — or even complete two sessions in one day if you like!

This course is suitable for any level of practice and is a great way to:

  • Start a brand new yoga journey
  • Brush up on the foundational elements of the practice
  • Extend your understanding of yoga
  • Or simply bring more depth to your practice.

Note that this course is a foundational series and by no means covers all that yoga entails... 

However, this course will definitely help you begin your journey with the confidence you need to continue practicing. When you complete this course, our diverse selection of online classes will be waiting for you.

Always remember that Yoga is a wellness practice that should be approached with a lifelong inner curiosity for discovery. It's a journey and not a destination...

For each of the lessons in this course, it's ideal to have an open space prepared with a yoga mat and some additional props if you have them — like pillows and yoga blocks (though these helpful tools are optional).

Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move freely and have a water bottle handy to stay hydrated.

While following each class, try to limit distractions by switching off your phone and leaving it in another room. If possible, also choose a practice space that is peaceful and quiet. Choose a time to practice when you think you can commit to an hour of undivided attention.

See you in the first class!  🙏


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Your instructors Lara-Lyn and Tweshi introduce themselves, a brief history of yoga and the 8 Limbs of Yoga by Patanjali.

In this lesson, Lara-Lyn introduces you to the 7 Primary Chakras (energy centers), Aum mantra (chanting), as well as Ujjayi Pranayama (breath-work), which we use during asana (posture) practice — San Salutation A & B.

In this lesson, Tweshi guides you through a practice centered around Muladhara – The Root Chakra. You'll learn relevant poses, chants and more... that will help bring grounding and steadiness to the body as well as assist in balancing this chakra.

In this lesson, Lara-Lyn guides you through a practice around Swadisthana – The Sacral Chakra — as well as relevant poses, chants and mudras to help balance and enhance this chakra.

In this lesson, Tweshi brings you a beautiful practice on Manipura – The Solar Plexus Chakra — together with poses, chants and breath-work to help balance this chakra.

In this lesson, Lara-Lyn focuses on Anahata – The Heart Chakra – together with poses, breath-work, chanting and affirmations to help balance and open the heart line of the body.

In this lesson, Tweshi help us to lift and balance our Throat Chakra – Vishuddha — with postures, chanting, Brahmari Pranayama and vibration.

In this lesson, Lara-Lyn brings you Ajna — The Third Eye Chakra — together with poses, mudras and chants to help open this chakra and stimulate our inner wisdom and intuition.

In this final lesson, Tweshi guides you through a practice for Sahasrara — The Crown Chakra — which governs all the other chakras and is our connection with the infinite, and the highest consciousness.

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